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Our promise, your peace of mind!

At Greiche & Scaff, we want you to have the best care for your eye health. Our mission is not only to give you the highest quality standards and service in the optical industry, but to ensure our products and services meet your particular needs.

Standard warranty

Frames – One year

Greiche & Scaff will repair or replace your frame if there is a manufacturing defect. Accidental breakage is not covered by the warranties.

Corrective lenses

All of our fully treated corrective lenses are under warranty for 24 months. Greiche & Scaff will replace them one time during the warranty period *. Accidental breakage or damages are not covered by the warranties.

Contact lenses – 60 days

For any discomfort resulting from prescription adaptation, Greiche & Scaff will replace your contact lenses. This does not apply to daily lenses.

Adaptation – 60 days

If you’re having difficulty adapting to your progressive lenses, Greiche & Scaff will replace them with different lenses of the same value.

Extended warranty

Accidentally damaged frame or lenses? No problem, we can have you covered!

For only $40, you can purchase an extended protection plan for your new prescription glasses. Accidental damages to frames and lenses are covered for one full year after you take possession of your new glasses. Ask us in store for all the details.

For a limited time, receive a $50 voucher valid on a futur purchase of a complete pair of glasses, when you buy the Extended warranty on your new glasses. Ask in store for details.

The Extended Replacement Warranty (ERW) must be purchased at the time of purchase of the new eyeglasses or at the time of the delivery at the latest. The price of the ERW is subject to change without notice and excluded from any promotion. A deductible of $25 for sv lenses or $40 for progressives is applicable for each claim. The ERW is valid starting at the date of delivery of the glasses, not from the date of purchase. ERW only applies with the same prescription as the original purchase. The ERW allows only one complete replacement of the frame or lenses during its 12-month coverage period.

*Lenses can be replaced with same as initial prescription.

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