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Discover the Trendiest Eyewear of 2024 at Greiche & Scaff

Trendy Eyewear of 2024

In 2024, eyewear plays a crucial role in personal style, offering a unique opportunity to express individuality. Renewing your eyeglasses or sunglasses is not just necessary; it's a powerful tool to shape your look. This year, the trends promise to bring more dynamism and character to your look. Stay ahead of the curve and make a bold statement with your eyewear choices!


Fashionable Eyewear Frames

As styles evolve in 2024, minimalist designs make a strong comeback with a modern twist. Thin, elegant metal frames resurge, perfectly adapting to casual and professional looks for a refined appearance. Brands like Prada and Saint Laurent are at the forefront with sleek designs that blend past and present.



For those seeking a more pronounced style, this year's exciting range of geometric shapes will be a delight. Hexagonal and octagonal frames are gaining popularity, providing a fresh, unconventional choice that stands out. These shapes are stylish and homage to the retro influences shaping eyewear design.


Trendy Colors

Bold and warm colours currently dominate the trends. Natural tones are popular in luxury brand collections. These colours include brown, green, and red. For instance, Chanel, Tom Ford and Oliver Peoples often incorporate these colours into their collections, providing a natural and grounded look that suits a wide range of skin tones and personal styles.

3520104800 Turquoise image-1

Translucent frames also remain widespread, shifting towards icy blues and frosted pinks. These light and airy colours create a soft yet sophisticated style, ideal for the warmer months.


Innovative Shapes

The classic aviator style has been updated with modern, sleek shapes suitable for eyeglasses and sunglasses. This modernization enhances its versatility, making it ideal for every face shape and occasion.


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Cat-eye frames remain popular, especially among women. This year’s sunglasses are bolder and more angular. Brands like Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana offer models with sharp angles and dramatic curves, perfect for a fashion-forward look.



Choosing the Right Frame

The frame's shape should contrast with your face shape. For instance, if you have a round face, opt for square or rectangular frames to add definition. Please seek advice from our consultants at Greiche & Scaff to find the perfect pair of glasses that match your style and features. This way, you can choose the pair that suits you best. 

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Discover the diverse and exciting eyewear trends for 2024 at Greiche & Scaff. With our broad selection of exclusive brands and designers, you will find the perfect glasses to complement your unique style. Visit us in-store for a personalized consultation. Discover why Greiche & Scaff has been the leader in fashion and elegance for nearly fifty years.