Eye Exam

What is an eye exam?

The Eye exam is indispensable for your eye health, allowing you to monitor, assess and detect any potential vision or ocular health problem. Your optometrist will keep this information on file in order to screen for any changes in your vision or eye health. We recommend you consult your optometrist regularly—and why not take your family along to make sure your loved ones’ eyes are healthy too?

A general ocular-visual exam

  • Ages 0 to 17: FREE when you present the Quebec health insurance card*.
  • Ages 18 to 64: Starting at $100 - Retinal photography included
  • Age 65 and over: FREE when you present the Quebec health insurance card*.

*Quebec Health Insurance (RAMQ):

  • COVERS the ocular-visual examination of patients ages 0 to 17, patents age 65 and over, and income security recipients.
  • COVERS the dilated retinal examination for medicated diabetic and highly myopic patients ages 0 to 17 and age 65 and over.
  • COVERS emergency eye examinations for everyone.
  • DOES NOT COVER treatment of pathologies.
  • DOES NOT COVER the cost of drugs and drops used for diagnostic purposes.

Your optometrist may feel the need to perform other tests: to evaluate your ability to change focus, for instance, or see color or perceive depth correctly. The procedures above are typical of a routine eye exam. Your optometrist will choose the specific tests required to evaluate YOUR visual system.