Hearing health services

Hearing health services now offered in select locations, in collaboration with ODYO

FREE hearing screening*

Service offered with or without an appointment, every day in these locations:

Complete audiology examination offered on site by Audiologists

For patients aged 5 and over, a hearing test is carried out by a certified audiologist, member of the OOAQ. ODYO audiologists conduct the necessary hearing tests and issue a personalized intervention plan based on the communication and hearing care needs of the patient.

The audiologist will analyze the patient's potential eligibility for paying government programs such as RAMQ, CNESST and Veterans Affairs. If necessary, the audiologist will recommend a consultation with an audioprosthetist (hearing aids) or an Otorhinolaryngologist (ENT) physician to complete the hearing health support process. ($90 applicable fees).

Complete audiology examination available by appointment

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* Free hearing screening offered on site, offer valid until December 31, 2022.