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Discover our wide range of brands!

B Seen

B Seen, the contemporary brand

Offers you a collection with sophisticated and colourful frames. Lightweight, ergonomic and in the latest fashions, B Seen brand frames adapt wonderfully to today’s trends.


Carrera, the racing brand

Offers a collection with innovative designs and advanced technology. The styling pays tribute to the first Carrera models.


Chanel, the mark of prestige and luxury

The Chanel eyewear collection is inspired by such brand symbols as the famous interlocking C’s or a more discreet Chanel signature. It’s a classic brand that will never go out of fashion, synonymous with prestige and luxury.


D&G, the urban, contemporary brand

The D&G brand’s inspiration comes from the street, urban culture, contemporary music and pop art. The brand’s values are love, irreverence and freedom. Colour, style and freshness characterize D&G eyewear design: It’s the fashion brand par excellence, appreciated by the exceptional.


Dior, the chic and sophisticated brand

The Dior brand represents the very essence of French culture: sophistication and an unmatched talent for launching new fashions. The brand is defined by its style, the quality of its finishings, and the manufacturing of its materials. An up-to-the-minute, avant-garde brand offering a wide variety of shapes and materials for every face.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana, the mark of glamour and elegance

The principal inspiration for the Dolce & Gabbana brand is life in all its modernity, with more than a nod to cultural roots. It’s a timeless brand whose originality has made it unique. Dolce & Gabbana is synonymous with modern luxury, a brand defined by its use of fine and precious materials, refined design and superior quality.

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani, the fashionable, modern brand

The Emporio Armani eyewear collection redefines style. A palette of vibrant colours, and youthful style embody the brand’s energy and adorn models in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. With its range of affordably priced products, Emporio Armani targets young buyers and has emerged as a youthful and modern line.


A collection dedicated to men

The Gentleman brand offers contemporary frames in simple, clean styles. Ideal for dynamic and image-conscious young professionals.


Gucci, the modern and sexy brand

The Gucci brand is the quintessence of luxury. Modern and sexy, this Italian brand reflects elegant and glamorous style. Known for its savoir-faire, use of precious materials and the finesse of its details, Gucci is a gift to lovers of fashion wrapped up in trendy, urban styling.

Hugo Boss

The mark of classic design

Offers a versatile collection that’s wearable from morning to night and good for any occasion. Superior quality and design for avid consumers of fashion.


Unisex collection

The I-TeQ collection offers coloured frames. Unrivalled in quality, the brand suits men and women of all ages. I-TeQ is always on the lookout for the latest trends and offers a wide variety of styles.

I-TeQ Discreet

Refined collection

The I-TeQ Discreet brand offers discreet and elegant frames in face-flattering, transparent shapes. I-TeQ Discreet glasses are streamlined structures of lenses and slender temples.

I-TeQ Jr.

The brand for those who lead an active lifestyle

I-TeQ Sport, a dynamic collection offering flexible, grippable and resistant materials with up-to-the-minute designs.


The brand for larger faces

With frames adapted and proportional to larger faces, I-TeQ XL offers longer temples for better comfort, all in the latest styles and models.

Leila C

The brand for smaller faces

This hip, forward-thinking brand adapts to smaller female faces. The Leila C collection offers eyewear that’s both chic and professional for dynamic young women.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

The mark of urban sensibility

The Marc by Marc Jacobs collection has been designed for the dynamic and modern woman. It’s a timeless brand, melding chic and contemporary styling with vibrant colours for a distinctly urban sensibility.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren, the authentic and modern brand

The Polo Ralph Lauren brand is a perfect blend of modern style and timeless elegance. It’s a brand specially designed for men suited for those who appreciate quality and tradition, and on the lookout for classic style with new design. The brand boasts a wide variety of shapes and colours suiting a multitude of different tastes.


Prada, the contemporary, minimalist brand

With implacable style, the Prada brand proclaims its innovation, and sensitivity to changing lifestyles. Prada uses materials of superior quality and has an eye for the details. It’s positioned as a luxury brand, contemporary and classic, with a penchant for the new. Elegance in its modern and minimalist form.


Ray-Ban, the legendary brand

With its famous aviator glasses, Ray-Ban is the stuff of legends, designed for wearers with the courage to be themselves. The particular shapes of these eyeglasses provide ideal vision under the sun. Famous for the discreet signature on most frames, Ray-Ban is a timeless brand that’s up-to-the-minute fresh.


The trendsetting brand

Seen offers a selection of vibrantly coloured and original frames that are also highly resistant. Ideally suited to trendsetting and dynamic individuals.

Seen Elegance

The lady’s brand

Feminine, glamorous and seductive, and contemporary and sophisticated in style. Models are subtly accentuated with crystals to enhance their elegance. The brand offers warm and flattering colours that mix and match with their wearers’ lifestyles.


Versace, the brand of luxury and seduction

Seductive, modern and creative are just a few of the descriptions associated with the famous Versace name. A symbol of luxury, Versace is a brand that projects the kind of cosmopolitan flair and dynamism that draws the very active. It bears the famous Versace trademark—the Medusa, ornamented in typically Greek fashion—on its frames.


Vogue, the forward-thinking, glamorous brand

Young, feminine, glamorous and playful, Vogue is a forward-thinking brand with a sparkling touch. Ideal for the fashion conscious—not the fashion victim—, the Vogue brand evokes a free spirit and a sense of the avant-garde. In Vogue eyewear, you’ll find a passion for details and a constant quest for innovation. Vogue is a style that plays up femininity and glamour for maximum effect.

I-TeQ digital high definition progressive – Essilor Design

Progressive lenses providing perfect vision at every distance. Design elements:

  • A “Prescription” layer the design is optimized for all prescriptions
  • A “Softness control” layer that offers the highest level of softness for all prescriptions
  • Asymmetrical and balanced design
The benefits to wearers? Effortless adaptation and unrivalled comfort and vision.

Nikon SeeMax progressive

SeeMax progressive is the optimal solution for natural vision. It’s a customized digital lens. Effortlessly comfortable to wear, its digital technology reduces distortion by 40 percent.

Nikon Seestyle

Les lentilles Nikon Seestyle s’adapte à tous les styles de monture, sans compromettre la performance des verres.

Nikon SeeStyle

Nikon SeeStyle lenses adapt to every style of frame without compromising lens performance.

Nikon W progressive

Nikon W progressive lenses offer Aberration FilterTM technology that provides clear vision and the least distortion possible for better comfort and adaptation.

Ciba Vision – Dailies (single-use lenses)

Disposable daily lenses providing the clearest and most comfortable vision.

CooperVision – Biofinity

Softer lenses with rounded-edge design for greater wearing comfort. High permeability allows more oxygen to flow through the lens for healthier eyes. Lenses also resist deposits and dehydration for all-day comfort. Their aspherical design provides clearer, sharper vision. Approved for continuous wear for 30 days and 29 nights.

CooperVision – Encore100

Thanks to CooperVision’s unique AquaformTM technology, Encore100 monthly wear contact lenses have an inherent ability to draw humidity into the very material of the lens and retain it there—without the need for added surface treatments or chemical wetting agents.

CooperVision – Proclear

The Proclear brand offers exceptional visual acuity, regardless of distance, and all-day comfort.

Johnson & Johnson – Acuvue Oasys

No more dry eyes: The world can be a very arid place. Tough surroundings, both inside and out, can make your eyes feel tired and dry. Welcome to ACUVUE® OASYS™. With Oasys, you’ll practically never feel your lenses.

  • Helps relieve the discomfort of tired, dry eyes
  • Less need for lubricant drops
  • Contains HYDRACLEAR™ PLUS — the exclusive next-generation technology that produces an ultra-smooth and more wettable contact lens
  • Visisbility tint – makes finding and handling contact lenses easy
  • High efficientcy UVA and UVB filter - helps protect the covered portions of your eyes
  • Internal and external marks - so you can insert your contact lenses correctly in one easy action
  • Satisfaction guarantee!

  • Your Peace of Mind

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