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How to Choose and Wear Halloween Contact Lenses

It’s Halloween! Cosmetic lenses are popular to complete a costume, but recent warnings suggest that risks are involved. Are you worried about protecting your eyes? Read on below to find out how to minimize risks while you’re out having fun.

Where do I buy contacts?

Two words: safety first! Figuring out where to buy your contacts is as important as the kind of contacts you choose to wear. Because of the risks associated with wearing poor quality contacts, Health Canada recently ruled that contact lenses, including cosmetic or decorative lenses, are medical devices (and not consumer goods). As such, you should never buy them from unlicensed sellers -- such as costume and makeup shops. You might be getting unsafe products that haven’t been properly manufactured or that don’t have sterile packaging. Instead, visit a licensed professional for a fitting and a prescription even if you have perfect eyesight and don’t need corrective eyewear. Keep in mind that no contact lens is "one size fits all." A poor lens fit can lead to eye infections, abrasions and serious vision problems.

How do I select the right contacts?

contact-lensesCosmetic lenses are soft contact lenses. They are available with or without corrective power, so you can wear them even if you have perfect vision. Most of them have an opaque tint that completely hides your iris, covering it with dramatic colors and designs. The center of the contact lens over your pupil is clear so you can see. You may also choose contacts that cover both the iris and the sclera (white) of your eyes for a more haunting look.

How do I put them on?

The first step in handling contacts is to wash and dry your hands. Scrub your hands thoroughly under warm water with soap and dry them with a lint-free towel or paper towel (contact lenses tend to stick to wet fingers). Starting with the right eye, place the right lens on the tip of your right index, pull up your upper eyelid with your left hand. Pull down your right eyelid with the middle finger of your right so you cannot blink. Carefully place the contact lens on the center of your eye. Release your eyelids and blink a few times to place correctly. Repeat with the other eye.
You’re ready to go!

How do I take them out?

lensesEvening a total success? Don’t forget to take off your contacts before going to bed! Again, make sure you wash your hands to lower the risk of infection or injury. Prepare your contact case by filling it with fresh saline solution (see our article on taking care of your contacts). Starting with your right eye, look up and pull down your lower eyelid with your right middle finger. With your right index finger, slide the lens down toward the white part of your eye and gently squeeze the lens between your index and your thumb to pick it up and remove it from your eye. Rinse the lens with contact solution in the palm of your hand, then place it into the lens case. Repeat with the other eye.
That’s it!

“Help! Something’s in my eye”: A safety reminder.
If you feel a burning or can’t blink properly, then your contacts may not be right for you. Studies have shown that the risk of corneal infection is almost 12.5 times higher using cosmetic lenses than regular prescription lenses. Here are some additional tips to lower the risk of infection:

  • Never share your contact lenses! While it may seem like a good idea to exchange contacts with your friends, doing so can spread harmful bacteria and can lead to serious eye problems.
  • Never go to bed with your contacts. They are designed for daily wear and may cause burning if left in your eyes.
  • Do your eyes burn, feel itchy or swollen when you put on contacts? Remove them immediately and contact us right away. You could have a serious eye infection.

If you have any questions or hesitations, contact an eye care professional. Our friendly optometrists are always available to help you. Book an appointment with your local Greiche & Scaff eyewear store today.

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