Sunglasses in Winter? You bet!

Protecting your eyes is especially important this season. The first flurries have fallen and the cold wind is rising: It’s almost winter. With your scarf, mitts, hood or woolly hat, you may be wondering whether putting on your sunglasses is really worth it. After all, bikini season is long over, the beach feels like a… Read more

How to Choose and Wear Halloween Contact Lenses

It’s Halloween! Cosmetic lenses are popular to complete a costume, but recent warnings suggest that risks are involved. Are you worried about protecting your eyes? Read on below to find out how to minimize risks while you’re out having fun. Where do I buy contacts? Two words: safety first! Figuring out where to buy your… Read more

How to Find the Right pair of glasses

Choosing the perfect pair of glasses is a big decision: they can dramatically change your face and complement your personal style. So how do you choose frames that fit perfectly? Read on and discover the most important factors to choose the right pair for you! Pick up a mirror and look at your face. Human… Read more

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